Decent Rural Employment

People at the center

Four out of five people facing extreme poverty live in rural areas, most of them being small farmers, agricultural workers, fishermen, or livestock breeders. Their lives are intricately linked to the natural resources on which they depend, exposing them to the consequences of climate change, leading to increased vulnerability and debts.

A transformation of the rural world is needed, requiring a blend of measures to support poorer rural households, increase productivity in a sustainable way, manage risks, provide access to markets, and facilitate integration into agri-food chains. These measures will open employment opportunities and foster decent work in both the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. There are numerous options for action: investing in better public services and basic infrastructure, taking advantage of novel digital solutions, facilitating the development of inclusive value chains, restoring ecosystems, adopting inclusive climate measures, improving access to social protection, working on gender equality and collective action.

We would be delighted to work with you on these.